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Spark of Lights App is a well-being app that aims to improve mental and
emotional health, resilience, and increased levels of happiness across all ages.

The app contains a plethora of tools and activities that can help you to master
everyday stress, improve creativity, imagination, attention and focus, track your
emotions and mood, and help you lead a happy and flourishing life.

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About Us

Thriving community of educators committed to Resilience, Positive Education and Well-being

Spark of Lights Education is dedicated to empowering young children, adults, and corporates with the life skills they need to thrive in their lives. It aims to improve mental health, resilience, and increased levels of happiness across all ages.

Spark of Lights Education provides high-quality Positive Education, Resilience and Well-being curriculum, resources and tools for students, and professional learning for teachers to create happy and flourishing school communities.

Our services include webinars, workshops, Wellbeing journals, resources, textbooks, exchange programs, personalized consultation with psychologists, and access to the Spark of Lights App. Our accredited Resilience experts also provide Resilience training and coaching that can assist individuals of all ages to live happy and healthy life.

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How can your students benefit from Resilience Training?

What separates a Good Education System with an Exceptional Education System?

A Good Education System teaches their students the capital cities of the world, pythagoras theorem, quantum mechanics and many more Educational Topics.

An Exceptional Education System teaches their students all of the following, but it also teaches the students how to conquer, deal with and master their inner world.


Psychological Services

Offering a range of counseling and psychological services to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.
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Our big focus is on delivering resilience & positive education workshops to teachers and parents to increase happiness and well-being.
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Mental Health Training

Our mental health training programs provide comprehensive education and resources to help individuals and organizations better understand and address mental health concerns.
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Parents Workshops

Our parent workshops are designed to help parents navigate the challenges of raising children in today’s complex world.
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Resilience Training

A program that enables teachers to bounce, grow, connect and flow. Includes a classroom resilience pack.
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The fundamental goal of Positive Education is to promote flourishing or positive mental health within the school community
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Character Strength Training

Through evidence-based approaches, we offer a range of programs and services to support individuals in developing their character strengths and leading fulfilling lives.
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We offer training courses designed to meaningfully impact the wellbeing of both educators and their students, allowing them to flourish inside and outside the classroom.
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Behaviour Management

A positive and constructive approach is usually the best way to guide your child’s behaviour.
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Our experts can train teachers to structure their lessons effectively, explicitly framing their lessons and units of work with an instructional model – the blueprint we use to structure how we teach.
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Corporate Training

These strengths-based programs equip individuals with a set of practical skills that can be applied in everyday life to navigate adversity and thrive in challenging environments.
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Well-Being Package for Schools

We will support your school to become a leader and role model in Well-being. We will help you create happy, engaging and stimulating schools which focus on all round development of students and staff.
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“One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge”

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Spark of Lights App Launch & Award Ceremony

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“Sangeeta is a well experienced and qualified professional who was a delight to have on our Coaching Accreditation Course. With a real focus on education and growth, Sangeeta is an enabling coach who can help you not only bounce from adversity but to find the growth and connection to rebuild a better you.”

Dr Sven Hansen, Founder – The Resilience Institute, NEWZEALAND

Founder, The Resilience Institute, NEWZEALAND

I have worked with Sangeeta for almost two years in the Papua New Guinea and Australia Program and have found her to be very creative, innovative, committed, and responsible. She is very keen in learning from others as well as respects and values others’ opinions. Sangeeta is a true leader. She is very willing to learn every day and share her insights with others. It was a great pleasure working with her. She is one of the best Educators I have ever worked with.” 

Jeffrey Mave, KNHS Papua New Guinea

Sangeeta has been involved with the PNGAus Secondary School Partnership Initiative Programme, 2019 and has reflected on Positive Mental Health. She has been positive, encouraging, motivating and made us see and feel our self worth to contribute in any discussions.. Sangeeta has the capability to help make a person shine from a dark room.  I’ve learnt a lot from her that made me realise how much I can do things that I’ve seen I couldn’t. Through Sageeta’s educational experiences she shared with me and coaching, I’ve managed to get a NZ scholarship for studies next year, 2022. I’m so thankful and glad to have met her.. I believe she can help more people through her coaching.’

CA, KNHS, Papua New Guinea