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Resilience Training

Spark of Lights has partnered with The Resilience Institute, New Zealand, a pioneering and prestigious global institute led by world-renowned Dr. Sven Hansen. Our consultant Ms Sangeeta Vashishta is an accredited Resilience Coach trained by the Resilience Institute, New Zealand.

Resilience Training

The Resilience Institute delivers research-based resilience solutions that help organisations secure a safe, resilient and productive workplace. In summary, we offer:

1) Resilience Diagnostic assessment for all staff. This is a confidential, secure and interactive assessment taken pre-training, with additional diagnostics completed during and post-training to measure impact.

2) Resilience Training Videos & Daily Tracker: a digital toolkit including over 40 micro-learning videos that align with the face-to-face workshops. The tracker enables participants to define key resilience priorities and track goals easily over time.

3) Workshops: practical full day, ½ day and shorter face-to-face workshops for teams. In these workshops we explore the Science and Practice of Resilience, including Bounce and Recovery, Lifestyle Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Mindset and Flow.

4) Weekly Practice Tips: As part of extended programs we offer participants a weekly practice tip with the objective of embedding core skills and building momentum.