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Sangeeta Vashishta is the Director and Co-Founder of Spark of Lights Education Pvt Ltd and an accredited Resilience Coach. She is a highly qualified academician and educationalist who has dedicated over 20 years educating and empowering young people globally. Sangeeta has been teaching and leading in Australia for nearly two decades. Working in the Department of Education and Training, she has held different roles, including Literacy Leader, Sub School
Leader, and Head of the English Department.

Sangeeta’s love of learning and enthusiasm towards mastering new skills has been evident throughout her life. With a Masters in English, Bachelor in Psychology, Bachelor in Education, Leading Literacy from Bastow institute in Melbourne, Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Holmesglen (Melbourne), Training and Assessment from NMIT Melbourne, Sangeeta has further enhanced her field of expertise through studying a
Psychology course from the University of Oxford, Positive Psychology: Martin E.P.Seligman’s Visionary Science course from the University of Pennsylvania (America), Resilience Coach Accreditation Training from The Resilience Institute, New Zealand and Professional Certificate in Positive Education from the University of Melbourne.

With billions of hours of international teaching experience in India and Australia, Sangeeta has initiated her educational and resilience consultancy, focusing on Resilience training, Positive Education, Wellbeing, Behaviour Management, Literacy, and innovative educational initiatives. She aims to provide high-quality professional learning and training courses for teachers, school leaders, students, parents, and corporates, designed to meaningfully impact their wellbeing and allowing them to flourish in life.



Aditya is the founder of Spark of Lights. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has travelled over 75 countries and met myriads of people along his journey. Ever since he can remember, he has had an interest in human behaviour and the similar ways they react in a specific situation, which has intrigued him to study the positive aspects of Psychology. His interest in human proclivities, coupled with his experience in teaching and leading young people in the classroom makes him an adept educator.

After completing Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Post-Graduation in Education from Wesley Institute in Sydney, Aditya has taught in a number of schools in Australia. In order to gain an intercultural understanding and the school systems in Asia, Aditya attended a teachers’ exchange program in Japan.

Aditya is full of life and passionate about maintaining a positive relationship with other human beings. His zest for life and vision to make a difference in other people’s lives inspired him to begin Spark of Light.



Claire has almost 20 years teaching experience in secondary schools across three different states and territories in the state, Catholic and Independent systems. She has over 15 years working in student wellbeing and has an MEd(Student Wellbeing) from the University of Melbourne.

Claire’s experience in student wellbeing is diverse from policy and program development to the risk management of students with high support needs. She has extensive experience working with organisations such as Headspace, Orgyen Youth Health to support students with their transition back to the learning environment.

Claire is currently studying Educational Neuroscience at the University of Melbourne which is an interdisciplinary study of the science of learning and the mind, body and the brain. Educational neuroscience looks at the application of neuroscience and cognitive psychology research in educational policy and classroom practices.

Reno Lia | Spark of Lights | Resilience Training

Reno Lia

Reno Lia is an Assistant Principal (Positive Climate for Learning) at an Australian
state school. With a Bachelor in Applied Science and Master in Educational
Leadership, Reno Lia has over 20 years’ experience in student management roles
within a number of Australian schools. He has also been the Head of Campus for
nearly a decade. Reno specialises in Restorative Practices and Behaviour
Management Strategies to bring out the best behaviour in every child. He is an
expert at planning and implementing several programs and events to help promote
positive health and wellbeing to all students.
Reno is passionate about excellence in education and helping both students and
staff to fulfil their potential and flourish as learners and people. Preparing students
with life skills such as: grit, optimism, resilience, growth mindset and engagement is
a priority for Reno. Besides this, he has immense passion for soccer. Reno is an
advanced soccer coach and has been coaching juniors and seniors since the last 25