“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”.

Then why does this age of learning take away the mental well-being of children to meet the only end goal of our profound education system. In an era where grades and academic scores in a subject defines the potential of a child and the core character development is getting sidelined, an emphasis on the quality of imparting knowledge in a stress free environment is the need of the hour.

Achievement for a child is linked to the maximum scores obtained which leads an individual to always strive for scores yet forgetting the importance of personal development. The best development of character and ethics is learnt at an early age within a positive environment. The root of a successful teaching lies in the inner development of a child even before the academic preparation.

The fear of lacking behind in examinations, working towards assignment submission deadlines and keeping up with the extra curriculars too, all account for an unhealthy and an unorganized mind. The essence of taking a break from the hectic schedule of studies and focusing on nurturing the mind for teachings beyond just the academics is the key to a healthy mind. Students don’t lack potential, they lack the need to empower their true potential and  to love what they are truly learning . It all begins with a positive frame of mindset.

Let them know the value of being optimistic of their capabilities and learn the art of education. It is vital for a growing young mind to remain stress free and enjoy the activity at hand.

Hence, the end goal of education is not to be called literate, its to truly know who you are and utilise the existing potential of a child in best possible ways.

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