“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude”

– Brene Brown

The next time you squall about something that you don’t have on immediate demand, think about those who do not even possess what seems basic to you. People think there is nothing extraordinary about ordinary. However, it’s all about perception. We, humans, are hard-wired to always strive for more. Yet we take no notice of things already present. Sometimes it may defy the logic but being grateful is the only currency that goes for the priceless stuff.

Gratitude rewires your brain. It’s one thing to know that you have something, it’s whole another thing to acknowledge it. When you begin appreciating what you do have, life will give you more reasons to be appreciative of. Many of you keep yourself bound in the shackles of self-doubt and self-criticism. The fact that it seems hard to appreciate your health and happiness is because one never took out time to be kind to those given in the first place. The age of today’s fast-paced civilization is continuously striving for the things that are there for a moment and will be eventually replaced by something else. Education makes you learn how to earn things but being grateful is only what you can learn by yourself to appreciate what you earn.

The price of something intangible is always two-fold to those of tangible. One compliment can warm three winter months for someone. Imagine how genuine appreciation in everyday life would transform the life of someone. You don’t have to be equipped with the best of everything in life to be grateful for. All it takes is the audacity to truly honor the wealth given to you in the first place. The happiness and the peace of mind that one looks for in the outer world can only be gained from inside-out. We do not own anything in life. It will eventually be done and dusted one day. So why not be grateful for this very moment. You are only sure of this moment and not the next.

Gratitude is a virtue that should be inculcated from the very foundation. Being grateful makes you receptive to more things. There is a transition in the vibrational frequency. For, when you operate from the place of abundance, the universe rewards you in return with even more than when you operate from a place of lack. All you have is all you need. Embracing this fact every single day will transform your soul.

There are various practices that you can begin with to be grateful. Meditation, journaling, and being thankful, praying. It all serves as an antidote to your negative emotions and makes a positive aura for you. Savor the gift of generosity.

Gratitude is magnetic. Attract the things that you desire by being grateful for the blessings already in hand.

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